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What is a YU KarmaYoga? 

At Yoga Underground, we believe yoga is about way more than plank pose or downward facing dog on a yoga mat. Yoga is about taking what you learn on the mat and carrying it out into the world we live in to make it better. We believe in the pay-it-forward component of yoga so strongly, we are willing to discount our regular price 10-class punch cards in exchange for volunteering at various organizations that make our community stronger.


How does YU KarmaYoga work?lakeshore humane

Step 1. Pick an organization from the list below and contact the appropriate person.

Step 2. Print out the YU KarmaYoga Sign Off Form, bring it with you to volunteer and complete your hours. (Or you can pick up a copy of the form at the studio.)

Step 3. Bring in the completed sign-off sheet into Yoga Underground and reap your rewards! (One punch card per 10 current volunteer hours. You must complete an additional minimum of 10 hours and complete a new form next time.)


What is the discount?

As a thank you for your positive Yoga Karma, you’ll receive 30% discount on ONE regular priced 10-pack of classes ($63!) for minimum of 10 hours of work done at one or more of the organizations.

boys girls club



  • The discounted punch card can only be used by the person who volunteered. No exceptions–no shared punches.
  • The punch card is non-refundable and the discounted price is non-negotiable.
  • The discount cannot be used for any other yoga package.
  • You can complete your 5 volunteer hours at one organization, or at a combination of organizations.
  • A NEW form with a NEW 5 hours of volunteer hours is required each time to purchase a half-price 10-punch card.
  • Hours are NOT RETROACTIVE, meaning you cannot acquire the discount with hours you volunteered last year. Pick up or print out a form, THEN volunteer 5 hours, have the form signed, exchange it for 50% off one punch card. In order to get a second punch card, a third, and so on, you must volunteer 5 NEW hours, have a NEW form filled out and signed–each time, for each punch card.)



Can I volunteer for an organization that is not on the list?
rural ministry

We’re always open to suggestions for spreading the love to new organizations. If you have one, email Lynda at YogaUndergroundFredonia@gmail.com. Keep in mind, suggested organizations should have strong ties to serving Chautauqua County and have a regular need for hands-on volunteers.

Where can I get the KarmaYoga Sign Off Form?

Right here: YU KarmaYoga Sign Off Form


Current KarmaYoga Organizations:

  1. Boys & Girls Club of Northern Chautauqua County. Call 716-366-1061literacy vols
  2. Chautauqua County Rural Ministry (Emergency Shelter Program, Emergency Food Pantry, etc.). Call: 716-366-1787
  3. Partners in Kind.
  4. Dunkirk-Fredonia Meals-on-Wheels. Call: 716-366-8822
  5. Lakeshore Humane Society. Contact: lakeshorehumanesociety@yahoo.com, or visit them at lakeshorehumanesociety.org to download a volunteer application.
  6. Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County. E-mail: lvacc@netsync.net or call: 716-Meals on Wheels366-4438


YU KarmaYoga was inspired by TulaYoga in Chicago. Give…pass it on.