Our Mission

To create an environment, both in person and virtual, that encourages continuous, active, enthusiastic participation in your overall well-being. We want Yoga Underground to be your fitness community and someplace you always feel welcomed and comfortable, brave and challenged.


We aspire…

  • To be an inclusive community of yogis and fitness enthusiasts, practicing together, whether in person or virtually, for the purpose of self-awareness, health and fitness, well-being, and personal growth.
  • To have well-trained, experienced, compassionate teachers who meet students where they are as individuals, supporting the student’s intention for practicing yoga, Pilates, or PiYo as a component of an overall healthy lifestyle.
  • To do this within an environment that welcomes and celebrates diversity in all its forms.


Our Values


We ensure that everyone who practices with Yoga Underground teachers is welcomed into an open-minded, non-judgmental, and compassionate environment. Our goal is to provide affordable yoga and other programs that offer something of value to everyone. We encourage students to come as they are. Can’t touch your toes? No sweat! Haven’t worked out in years? Doesn’t matter! The only requirement for class is showing up and breathing.




The teachers under the Yoga Underground umbrella commit to being honest, authentic, and real. We strive to be ethical on every level—in our business dealings and our personal relationships. We commit to being fully present and to treating every person with dignity and respect, including ourselves.





We are committed to facilitating profound, transformational self-acceptance and continued learning along the yogic path. We provide teachers, classes, and an environment that sustains on-going, holistic approaches to personal growth at each student’s own pace.




Community Partnering

Yoga Underground commits to partnering with other businesses around the community whenever possible to make yoga and our other programs more accessible to the entire Fredonia/Dunkirk area. We commit to full, enthusiastic, non-competitive support of other local yoga studios, teachers, and of the overarching yoga community in western New York, as we believe the yoga lifestyle should be encouraged, shared, and grown. The more diversity in yoga studios, teachers, styles, formats, and locations, the better.




Yoga Underground commits to serving as a sacred space, embracing peace, comfort, and refuge. When you enter a virtual classroom with a YU teacher, you can put down your day-to-day image and your defenses, and embrace all aspects of yourself, whether today is happy for you or you are coping with difficult challenges. If you need to come into a Yoga Underground Virtual Classroom to lie on your mat in Savasana for an hour and breathe? We welcome that.

Our programs promote fitness, resilience, well-being, self knowledge, self-acceptance, family, healing, growth, beauty, and balance. Our community is nonjudgmental and noncompetitive, yet challenging in the best of ways. It is an environment that is supportive of you: where you are now, and where you want to be.